Using your air conditioning in the winter

Many people think that air conditioning is just for the summer months, but a number of systems feature a reverse cycle system, or heat pump.  This facility offers extra versatility as the system can be switched between cooling and heating mode as required, keeping the workplace at a comfortable temperature all year round.  Maintaining a comfortable workplace temperature has been shown to improve staff health, safety and productivity.
How do heat pumps work? Reverse cycle air conditioning works by warm air passing over a refrigerant to cool it down and lower the temperature of a room during the warmer months of the year. For winter heating, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside (even on cold days) to warm up the air going into the room to raise the internal temperature. As well as heating, these systems can also dehumidify the air and are an ideal way to remove airborne fungus and mites from the workplace, creating a more hygienic environment and decreasing the chance of airborne …

Why micathermic heaters are energy efficient

Here at London Cool we are finding micathermic space heaters are becoming increasingly popular with our customers.  These heaters are unique in that they combine two methods of heating – convection and radiant heating - to provide fast, efficient and safe heating for the workplace.  

When a micathermic heater is switched on, an electrical resistor converts electricity into heat.  As it’s generated, the heat is absorbed by a series of metal coils encased in a silicate mineral – mica - which can withstand very high temperatures.  Mica has high thermal conductivity, ie it’s good at transferring heat, and a high watt density which means it emits energy from its surface when it’s heated up. 

Once it is up to temperature, a micathermic space heater generates electromagnetic rays.   The heat is not directly transferred to objects in the room, but transferred to objects via these rays, warming the ambient air as well, and heating up the entire room faster than most space heaters. This makes the…

Why it is important to maintain a safe and comfortable workplace temperature

For many UK businesses the cost of running air conditioning may seem high, but there can be hidden costs of not providing air conditioning or adequate heating in the workplace.The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 state that ‘During working hours, the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings shall be reasonable.’ London Cool also receives many enquiries from businesses needing to keep their server or computer roomscool to protect valuable data and systems.
Thermal discomfort caused by workplace temperature on can have an impact on health and safety, with more accidents being reported, all of which have an associated cost.Many employees are not able to adapt their clothing because they wear a specific uniform or PPE .Wearing too much clothing or PPE may be a primary cause of heat stress but if clothing does not provide enough insulation, then there is a risk of cold injuries such as frostbite or hypothermia.
Employees working in cold environments are shown to …

Heating for your marquee or outdoor event from London Cool

With the cooler autumn evenings here, now is the time to consider some extra heating for your outdoor event.  Your event may be taking place on a patio, in a garden or roof garden or other outdoor space, or in a conservatory, marquee or other temporary structure. 
Mobile or portable heaters are a convenient and versatile way to heat your outdoor event space or as one or more can be positioned exactly where the additional warmth is needed.
We have a range of patio heaters to suit every type of outdoor entertainment space, including marquees.  Our patio heaters include an electric 360 degree patio heater and four types of gas patio heaters which are completely self-contained, and are supplied with everything you need, including gas (at an additional cost).
Our commercial patio heaters are particularly suitable for outdoor settings and are rain and wind resistant.  The attractive design features a large heat distribution canopy which will heat up to 15 feet away.
Depending on the type of …

Let us Entertain You – comfortably!

London Cool has been very busy supplying portable cooling units for a number of events taking place in London.Here are just a few -

We supplied portable evaporative coolers for event cooling at The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London W11, where a programme of events is taking place as part of Notting Hill Carnival this Bank Holiday weekend.
The First Dates restaurant is also being kept cool by some of our portable Climateeasy 14 air conditioners plus a Blizzard portable spot cooler.Not only are the ‘first daters’ likely to get rather warm, but the filming itself generates a lot of heat from all the equipment and lights.Also, we mustn’t forget that the presence of Fred Sirieix and his staff is also likely to raise the temperature a few degrees!
At the famous Somerset House off the Strand in London WC2 we supplied some large warehouse drum fans for events at Somerset House Studios.Boiler Room TV were presenting the last in their series of SYSTEM Sound Series, a ‘weekly event series to cele…

The effect of solar gain on the workplace

The British heatwave could well be over and we will see a return to ‘normal’ summer temperatures.As the temperatures drop, it might be thought that there is no longer a need for portable air conditioning, but on bright sunny days the inside of buildings will still heat up due to solar heat gain, especially in the city centres.Although the sunlight may not be as strong, the lower angle of the sun means that it is shining into buildings for longer periods during daylight hours.
Buildings that have fully-glazed facades are particularly prone to over-heating caused by solar gain.Cities with a number of high rise, glass fronted buildings, such as London and Birmingham, are often 1–3°C warmer than rural locations.To counter this effect, some buildings have solar control glass installed which reflects heat and reduces glare from the sun’s rays. As well as being practical, it’s also a requirement under Approved Documents L1A and L2S, which require the limit of solar gains through the summer pe…

Watt the BTU . . . ?

When deciding whether to buy or hire a portable air conditioning unit, you may come across the term ‘BTU’ or alternatively Kilowatts.     BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and in the world of HVAC  is the amount of heat that an air conditioner can remove from a room.  If an air conditioner’s capacity is measure in Kilowatts then one Kilowatt is equivalent to 3,412 BTUs.  For the science-minded among us, One BTU is the amount of energy needed to raise 1 pound of water 1°F at sea level.
Why are BTUs or Kilowatts important when choosing an air conditioner?Having the correct number of BTUs for the space you need to cool means that the room will be cooled efficiently.It should also be borne in mind that as the BTU rating increases so does the weight, size and cost of the air conditioner.
Too high a BTU means that although the room will cool quickly, the unit will cycle on and off once the temperature is reached and to keep itat that temperature, overworking the compressor and shortening th…