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Are we heading for an early spring?

So after a relatively busy month due to the cold spell, it looks as though things are really starting to get quite a lot warmer from now on, with average temperatures hovering around the 8/9 degree mark and central London areas getting up to the highs of 15/16 degrees, the mildest of the year so far. We have noticed an increase in the rental of humidifiers as well as currently humidity levels are quite low, even buildings that use heat pump technology to heat or cool via fixed air conditioning, are beginning to hire evaporative coolers or humidifiers to add some humidity to areas.
We have been contracting for west end art galleries, providing them with our portable hum evaporative cooler/humidifier to prevent paintings or paper posters and wood antiques from getting damaged.
With it being unseasonably warm for February, the number of service and maintenance contracts have shot up. It is beginning to reach temperatures for the usual end of March time of year, and everyone is wanting thei…

Winter arrives later than expected