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Air Conditioning installation in London with London Cool in Crawley, West Sussex

London Cool can provide an all-year-round climate control solution for safe, efficient and reliable cooling in the summer, and inclusive of heat pump for cost effective and reliable heating in the winter.

We can offer a nationwide service covering areas including Central London, North London, West London, East London, South London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent for installation of both portable and fixed air conditioning and heating equipment.

London Cool in Crawley, West Sussex, can arrange for our sales advisors to make FREE site visits to discuss requirements and determine which solution would be best to suit you, whether it be an installation of our latest energy efficient heat pump portable air conditioners or an installation of a fixed system.

We employ fully qualified and F-Gas registered technicians who carry out installations to the highest standard across London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent. We are even happy to offer FREE portable equipment when installations are taking place in critica…

Data centre and computer room cooling with London Cool Limited, London, Crawley, Gatwick, West Sussex

London Cool Limited in Crawley offer various 'Critical Cooling' plans to suit whatever needs. 

If you have made valuable investments in IT, Data Centres, Computer Rooms and Telecom Facilities these could be wasted if the correct temperatures are not maintained: imagine the disruption and financial losses if your business-critical equipment failed?  Air conditioning systems, UPS, and Generators provide peace of mind when they are working.But when they don’t, how will you know? Can you take action before your hardware is damaged? If a failure happens Saturday evening will it be Monday morning before you realise? Air conditioning systems in data centres & server rooms consistently prove to be single points of failure with extreme heat resulting in failed hardware. In a survey carried out last year 45.7% of IT managers questioned had experienced at least one air-conditioning failure in a server room or data centre in the last year. This figure is significant insofar as it highli…

Server room and data centre cooling in London with London Cool Limited

London Cool Limited, based in the South East can cater for all needs when it comes to a 'Critical Cooling Plan' covering all areas of London including South London, South East London, South West London, Central London, East London, North London and West London.
What is a Critical Cooling Plan?
A Critical Cooling Plan is a provision of temporary climate control equipment to maintain the desired level of climate conditions in the event of maincooling or air conditioning equipment breakdown in critical areas such as server rooms, data centres, UPS rooms, food storage and hospital applications such as operating theatres or mortuaries. 
If you have valuable investments in IT, data centres, server rooms, UPS rooms or any of the other critical areas mentioned above and more, these could be wasted if the correct temperatures are not maintained. Let London Cool bear the burden by taking control of a plan to suit you and let us deal with the problem so you don't have to.
London Cool can…

Data centre and Server room cooling with London Cool Limited, London, Crawley, Gatwick, West Sussex

London Cool Limited in Crawley offer various 'Critical Cooling' plans to suit whatever needs.

London Cool visit Broadfield Stadium for Crawley Town FC vs Portsmouth FC

Sunday September 9th, London Cool donated our Crawley Town Football Club season tickets to an employee who had never been to a football game. Along with her went her 2 children, aged 5 and 7, and her partner who is a sport obsessive.

Despite Crawley Town FC loosing, Morgan had nothing but a good word to say about the experience her and her family had at Broadfield Stadium. Her sons who had never really shown much of an interest in sport were so excited they were joining in with the singing and had great fun, despite her eldest joking at the end of the game 'Mummy, I think I will support Portsmouth FC now'.

As a company, it is great for us to hear these comments as we know the tickets did not go to waste and regardless of the score, we know football can still be great fun and a great experience.

There were a few dramas in the game with Crawley Town going down to 9 men (a few sending offs that weren't necessarily agreed with by the supporters), but when you see a football g…