Air Conditioning installation in London with London Cool in Crawley, West Sussex

London Cool can provide an all-year-round climate control solution for safe, efficient and reliable cooling in the summer, and inclusive of heat pump for cost effective and reliable heating in the winter.

We can offer a nationwide service covering areas including Central London, North London, West London, East London, South London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent for installation of both portable and fixed air conditioning and heating equipment.

London Cool in Crawley, West Sussex, can arrange for our sales advisors to make FREE site visits to discuss requirements and determine which solution would be best to suit you, whether it be an installation of our latest energy efficient heat pump portable air conditioners or an installation of a fixed system.

We employ fully qualified and F-Gas registered technicians who carry out installations to the highest standard across London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent. We are even happy to offer FREE portable equipment when installations are taking place in critical areas such as server rooms, computer rooms, data centres and UPS rooms. 

Nowadays, fixed air conditioning equipment is supplied with heat pump technology allowing an all-year-round climate control solution that is energy efficient and most importantly to most, cost effective.

With the ban on R22 refrigerant systems quickly approaching us in 2015, it is highly recommended to have your old systems replaced. Modern energy efficient cooling and heating systems payback time is suprisingly quick.

Energy efficiency

The current climate control and air conditioning equipment London Cool supply is designed to be as energy efficient as possible, minimizing power consumption which ultimately leads to less CO2 emissions being released into our atmosphere. The same goes for all the latest equipment with heat pumps. We can provide A rated energy efficient equipment that is good use all year as you can use it to cool in the summer, yet to heat in the winter. As you would expect, our people are consistently up-to-date with the latest industry thinking, legislation and environmental targets. London Cool can install state of the art VRF (variable refrigerant flow) or VRV (variable refrigerant volume) systems which can attract government subsidies.


All the latest air conditioning and climate control systems London Cool provide are robust and dependable. We only recommend and install the best systems, which have all been manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards. Warranty cover, scheduled service checks and preventative maintenance of your air conditioning or climate control system(s), can ensure high levels of reliability throughout the lifespan of the equipment. You also have the piece of mind, if you choose, that’s provided by expert technicians and/or emergency equipment backup.

If you require further information please either visit our website at or call our freephone number 0800 440 444 where an adivsor will be more than happy to help.


  1. I was wondering the other day if they used air conditioner units in London because of the difference in climate. I understand that there can be hot days there, but for the most part it isn't like you have brutal summers. What is the popularity of air conditioning in London and about how frequently do you think it is used?

  2. Your home’s air conditioner can last for over a decade if cared for properly, including regular maintenance. Each year before the weather turns warm, you need to make sure that your air conditioner is ready for use by reconditioning it. Reconditioning is just checking that everything is in working condition and performing routine maintenance on the unit.

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  5. Reduce excessive use of your air conditioner by using it sparingly and only when you're at home. Most models feature built-in timers that will allow you to set the ideal temperature and the amount of time the unit should be operating. Be sure to set the timer or thermostat to turn off after you're asleep and when you leave during the day to save on energy.

  6. Since January the city had been under heavy snow fall and summer is coming which means ACs must be installed.

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