Data centre and Server room cooling with London Cool Limited, London, Crawley, Gatwick, West Sussex

London Cool Limited in Crawley offer various 'Critical Cooling' plans to suit whatever needs.

If you have made valuable investments in IT, Data Centres, Server Rooms and Telecom Facilities these could be wasted if the correct temperatures are not maintained: imagine the disruption and financial losses if your business-critical equipment failed? 

Air conditioning systems, UPS, and Generators provide peace of mind when they are working.  But when they don’t, how will you know? Can you take action before your hardware is damaged? If a failure happens Saturday evening will it be Monday morning before you realise?

Air conditioning systems in data centres & server rooms consistently prove to be single points of failure with extreme heat resulting in failed hardware.

In a survey carried out last year 45.7% of IT managers questioned had experienced at least one air-conditioning failure in a server room or data centre in the last year. This figure is significant insofar as it highlights how vulnerable system operations may be to over-heating caused by air-conditioning failure.

As the heat output of hardware continues to rise in computer rooms, the need for air-conditioning systems to run reliably 24 / 7 is further increased. But if nearly one in two organizations are already experiencing computer room air-conditioning failure at least once a year, this highlights how crucial it is for businesses to have well developed contingency plans to accommodate and deal with these failures.

Why the Critical Cooling Plan?

  • Site survey to establish requirements
  • Contact number monitored 24 / 7
  • Priority response
  • Equipment  on stock standby
  • Agreed level of cooling from the outset.
  • Response within 4 working hours from receiving initial call.
  • A complete survey to include the following:
    1. Cooling requirements
    2. Power supply requirements
    3. Heat extract Routes 
    4. Access / Site requirements 
    5. Sighting of cooling equipment
    6. Recommendations 
If you feel your company would benefit from having a critical cooling plan in place or if you require further information about how a plan could benefit your company, please give us a call on 0800 440 444.


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  2. I just recently constructed a small server room to support a small business that I'm starting. After doing a ton of research I found out that the small air conditioner I have set up in there is not doing the trick and the room is too hot. Anyway, I'm looking into either getting a bigger air conditioner, or industrial cooler, or maybe even some kind of chiller rental for the time being. I am somewhat new at managing a server room, so any tips or information is greatly appreciated, thanks for the post!


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