Patio heater hire in Sussex, Surrey, London & the Midlands

Patio heaters are the ideal way to extend the evenings all year round. Enjoy some alfresco entertaining by choose from the very latest range of high quality patio heaters at great hire rates including free delivery and collection along with the extras needed for the particular models.

Outside parties don't always have to be held in the summer because the weather in generally nicer. With main celebrations such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year being mainly in the winter time, why not celebrate them as you would a summer event. When you hire a patio heater, you can party with your friends and family all year round. Hiring a patio heater will keep your guests warm right into the evening making sure your party always goes off with a swing! We offer the best range of quality outdoor patio heaters for hire for use on commercial premises - restaurants, bars, hotels and pubs or just for domestic use in your garden.

We have depots based in two locations. One being in Crawley, West Sussex within minutes of Gatwick Airport and the M23 giving us easy access to areas surrounding the M25 and London. The location of our Crawley depot also enables us to include the A23 corridor, south as far as Brighton, north to Redhill, east towards East Grinstead and west to Horsham.

Our second location is based in Saltly, Birmingham. This depot covers areas such as Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Four Oaks, Mere Green, Central Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Tamworth, the West Midlands and East Midlands including Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. 

The price you see is the price you pay! 

We believe the price you see is the price you should pay, a thought not shared by our competitors. Most of whom bury extra charges deep within the buying process, things like delivery, minimum hire charges, gas and even VAT. Please see individual product pages for the all inclusive price.

Our largest competitor H** claim to hire a Patio Heater for just £63.50 per week non inclusive of VAT, then when you click add to basket it takes you through to gas which you have to add as an extra. Before you know where you are the price has shot up to £110.32 and that does not include Delivery, Set-up, Collection or VAT.

Always read the small print

We do not take payment online, simply dial the number free of charge and speak to a member of our team to discuss your requirements and help you decide which one of our heaters is most suited to your application. Payment can be taken over the phone at the time of placing the order. We accept the majority of major credit cards with the exception of AMEX.

Please see the patio heaters and the prices below.

What you get for your money 

Do not confuse our products with cheap domestic units. The Patio Heaters we hire are robust and have a high-output – up to 25 square meters of heated air supply. Highly suitable to withstand the rigours of commercial hire market. Ideal for Parties, Events and Weddings. Keep your friends and guests warm. 

Free delivery 

Please visit our 'Areas Covered' menu selecting either London or Surrey, Sussex & Kent or Midlands locations and you will find a list of the post codes we cover along with a map outlining the areas that are included in our cracking offer.

Free delivery applies to all deliveries (next day) made in our offer area (see 'Areas Covered') between 08.30am and 17.00pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. We are always happy to give an ETA up to an hour prior to delivery but deliveries out of these hours, on Bank Holidays or same day delivery along with timed delivery requests will be chargeable as extra, please call 0800 440 444 to

Free gas 

Gas is included in the price given for the 'Commercial Gas Patio Heater'. You will receive one full 11kg gas cylinder for 10 – 12 hours continuous use for each unit supplied.
We can supply additional 11kg cylinders at £28 + 5% VAT, if required.

Free set-up 

Our delivery driver will carry the unit(s) to your patio advise you of the optimum position and set-up the units. The Gas supply will be connected you will be given instruction on usage. 

Free collection 

Collection times will be agreed when you place the order or you may of course choose to have the unit picked up earlier if required or extend the hire period as required (subject to availability).
Free collection applies to all collections (next day) made in our offer area (see 'Areas Covered') between 08.30am and 17.00pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. We are always happy to give an ETA up to an hour prior to collection but collections out of these hours, on Bank Holidays or same day delivery along with timed collection requests will be chargeable as extra, please call 0800 440 444 to discuss.

Patio heaters

2.7kW  360 degree electric patio heater
£70 including VAT, Delivery & Collection

Ideal for restaurants, weddings or those parties that are just a bit more fancy. The upright, freestanding 360 degree electric patio heater is suitable for domestic or commercial use and features 3 independent heating elements of 900W each. This patio heater includes a separate fluorescent lamp downlights and has conveinent cable storage - perfect for when the unit is being transported or when it is not in use. The cable is 3.5m in length and has a standard 13 amp plug.  

2.0kW Budget electric patio heater
£55 including VAT, Delivery & Collection

12.5kW Commercial gas patio heater
£70 including VAT, Delivery, Set-up, Collection & Gas

One of the most powerful and effective patio heaters on the market today, our commercial gas patio heater throws out up to 12.5kW of heat to keep you and your guests warm at parties, BBQs, hotels and more.

9.3kW Pyramid gas flame heater

£130 including VAT, Delivery, Set-up, Collection & Gas

The newest addition to our fleet! They look fresh, modern and are powerful and effective. Perfect for Alfresco dining, parties & barbeques, restaurants, hotels, weddings and more.

Need more options?
If you require more than one unit or a longer rental term, please call us on 0800 440 444. Someone here can discuss these options with you.


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  4. Sometimes a good heater can really make the difference. Especially when you are having some friends over or an even bigger event. Just because the weather isn't perfect doesnt mean you cant have fun! I have used heaters to throw some of my best parties

  5. Finding the perfect patio heater for your outdoor space can be difficult if your don’t know what you are looking for. However, if you can pinpoint where it will be located, the type of use you’re going to use it for, and whether or not you want to burn propane or use electricity as a power source you should be able to narrow down your search quite easily.

  6. I agree that patio heaters are the ideal way make al fresco dining that much more comfortable, not to mention refined.

    They truly give a holiday feel to even the coldest of gardens and enable you to make use of your garden and furniture all year round!

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    1. Hello, thank you for the feedback we appreciate it. If you'd like more information or perhaps had an interest in hiring a patio heater let us know. You can speak to one of our experts on 0800 440 444 or alternatively you can send us an email to - Look forward to hearing back from you - Rebecca


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