Out with the old, in with the new - how changes in the Climate Control Industry has reformed London Cool

So, we haven’t blogged for a while with that being mainly down to the fact that we have been busy serving our customers old and new and developing a new web site. 

London Cool in Crawley, West Sussex and Midland Cool based in Birmingham enjoyed a relatively good year in 2012 but we saw continuing changes to the service we provide in the climate control industry. Let us tell you how... 

London Cool and Midland Cool have dealt with the continuing decline in the hire and rental of room air conditioners by adapting to the growing need in installing new cooling and heat/cool systems. Also providing a first class service, repair and maintenance of all installed room and computer room climate systems. Hire and rental of portableair conditioners, portable heaters, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, temporarychillers or even emergency back-up cooling is at an all-time low. This is a lot to do with our recent summers being warm and cloudy but not hot. Companies and businesses are maintaining air conditioning systems particularly in critical computer and server rooms. Our contracts department is very busy on installations of air conditioning for cooling and heating, heat pumps, service call outs, maintenance contracts and repairs of all types of air conditioning. Keeping room air conditioning equipment well maintained and repaired seems to be the main concerns now. This combined with TM44 energy assessments and the phase out of R22 refrigerant gas has enabled London Cool and Midland Cool to employ more engineers and train further our staff.

We find that despite hire being the main focus of our business for so long, the start of 2013 has bought a significant amount of fixed installation, call outs and service work and that the demand for the hire of climate control equipment has declined. We continue to keep a large fleet of well maintained portable air conditioner units, portable split systems, fans, drying equipment and evaporative coolers to cover critical cooling requirements and planned maintenance as well as portable heaters for the colder weather which appears to be on-going at the moment.

As a company, London Cool and Midland Cool put this down to the fact that in this modern day and age, new buildings are built to be so energy efficient already the need for cheaper heating is unnecessary and with fixed air conditioning systems being so popular, what is the need to hire portable air conditioners?

When it comes to patio heaters and dehumidifiers, hire is still proving as popular as ever.  The hire of Patio heaters is growing particularly for event heating, parties and hotel functions. Dehumidifiers for drying prove extremely popular with buildings that have damp or have had a leak that requires drying out.

With the installation of fixed air conditioning systems proving popular throughout 2012, we figured that we needed to re-build our website to suit our customer’s needs as our current website was built to focus mainly on hire and sale of portable cooling, heating and drying equipment.

We are working very hard on our new website at the moment to meet certain deadlines and to be up and running in time for spring. We have some great ideas going on and without giving too much away, we hope that we can provide our customers with a website that is more up-to-date, current and in with the times.  Times have changed and as a company we need to grow and continue to adapt to what’s current and what the demands of our customers are. 

Whilst our website is being rebuilt, it is difficult to insert relevant links as we are also in the process of updating current pages - we are continuously working on this to provide you with correct information. Should you require any information with regards to fixed air conditioning systems or portable climate control you can contact us on 0800 440 444, you can join us on facebook by clicking here, and you can also follow us on twitter by clicking here.


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