South East weather, air conditioning and more

After a fantastic week of sunshine in Crawley, London, and most of the South East and southern areas, today has shown a change. With showers this morning and grey skies all day, it seems as though the April showers may have decided to make a return.

According to weather sources, we are currently running approximately 3 weeks behind in the weather front so showers are to be expected. Of course, this is also England we are talking about. More unsettled weather is expected however, temperatures are looking set to stay above 12 degrees with next week reaching highs of 21 degrees again.

April/May time is usually failure unpredictable when it comes to the weather as it is so unsettled, you can see one day of sun and it being a fairly nice temperature and the next day it will rain. This year being especially unsettled with all the snow, the cold and the rain we have had.

Despite all this, there rise in portable air conditioning hire, with existing and new clients particularly taking advantage of our pre-season offers we have running until the end of May. More and more events are now requiring portable equipment which has shown a massive increase in the hire market also, including portable air conditioners, heaters, fans or evaporative coolers and the ever so popular patio heaters.

Our fixed department are still extremely busy with constant call-outs, new installs that customers are desperately trying to get done in time for the summer and all planned preventative maintenance which as a company we are pushing through to make sure all our clients and cool and happy during the warmer weather.

Boiler installs and breakdowns are now something we include in our services with more and more of our bigger clients requiring us to carry out this sort of work. With our website upgrade underway, we shall have more information on this soon. 

In the meantime we love to keep busy and working under pressure is something we are good at so from our point of view the more work, the better. If the first third of the year is anything to go by we know the summer rush is going to be excellent and we cannot wait.

For more information on any of our products or services please call us on 0800 440 444. 


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