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The British have an obsession with the weather, this weather can ruin your event, weather can cause problems for your celebration, the weather can postpone your party.  Plan your special event even better by adding in some event climate control!!

Events are usually a special occasion, an important celebration or a family ceremony.  It could be a launch party for a new product, you could have an event to promote your company or a company corporate event.  Most events are planned events, planning an event could include a marque, music, guest speakers, important guests.  Hire a patio heater for your smokers by heating your smoking area.  Plan in some climate control for your special event or launch party, why ..... ?  Because of the wonderful unpredictable British weather.       Impress your guests!!!!

  • Why not cool your event, air condition your launch party, hire a portable air conditioner unit for your marquee, cool your nightclub with a room air conditioner, spot cool your music or cool down your band.  Impress your guests with a comfort cooled party environment.  Hire or rent a portable air conditioner unit from London Cool, Midland Cool part of City Cool.
  • Heat your event, provide comfort heating to your garden party by renting or hire a portable patio heater.  Electric or gas powered patio heaters available for hire.  Patio heaters are used for providing heat for out side smoking areas.  Hire a patio heater for your garden party, space heat event marquees, comfort heat your warehouse space.  In fact London Cool, City Cool and Midland Cool can assist in heating your event.
  • Do you have cloakrooms or areas where you store damp items of clothing, umbrellas, raincoats. These can all be kept dry for your customers and guests.  Keep your guests and customers dry and less sweaty by hiring or rent a dehumidifier or dryer.
Help your party be remembered, make your event or product launch even more memorable.  Hire or buy portable room air conditioners, room air conditioner, space heater, dehumidifier, dryer.

Even powerful warehouse or event fans are available.  Sometimes in big warehouses, large restaurants, bars or pubs.  When you have lots of people at an event or party simply hire some fans or large evaporative coolers.


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