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We have available energy efficient portable fan heat pump units, on wheels!  Available for hire, rent, sale, purchase your portable room heat pump unit.



Heat pumps offer energy efficient heating and quite often cooling as well.  The 2 units in the pictures are portable air conditioner cooling units as well as portable energy efficient heat pumps.  The warm air is supplied via a fan.  From our range of heat pump portable heaters for example you can get a 5kw fan heater, running from a 13 amp 240v plug socket!  A rated energy!

So reduce your portable heat for hire running costs, get more kw of heat from an energy efficient portable heat pump fan heater.  Oil filled radiators use a lot of energy to provide heat where as a portable heat pump uses less.  Let Daikin explain here about how they work -


And the Energy Saving Trust -


These smaller energy efficient portable energy efficient heat pumps also have big brothers.  Large portable spot heaters ...... more info on these to follow.

So if you want to heat your school, warm up your office, provide spot heateing for your reception area.  Have an event to warm up, hotel room a bit draughty and needs some back up portable heat for hire or purchase call London Cool 0800 440 444 call Midland Cool 0800 440 444.  We are here to help and assist you on choosing the best heater for your application.

London Birmingham West Midlands Sussex South East Kent Surrey Leicester Derby Coventry East Midlands Brighton heat for hire sale purchase.

Thanks all spot heat pump information to follow !!!

Paul Berry


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