Portable evaporative cooling to cool a mezzanine floor – 0800 440 444 – “Life Savers”

We get these evaporative coolers from Portacool and here is a similar application

London Cool from our head office in Crawley, Sussex provide all types of cooling and heating for offices, server rooms, events and warehouses.

On our Estate in Crawley we have a company Air Atlanta Avia Services who provide aircraft spares. http://www.aviaservices.com/

They use our Crawley office for all types of air conditioning including installation of fixed air conditioning and maintenance. 

We have 2 x Portacool Hurricane 3600 evaporative coolers on their mezzanine floor big beasts to supply comfort cooling for the production team on the pretty warm mezzanine level. http://www.portacool.com/en/eu/home

On a visit last week the staff said the portable evaporative coolers have been Life Savers!!

Portable evaporative coolers can be large or small.  If you need to cool an event, a marquee, cool a tent or even cool an outdoor space.  Portable evaporative coolers may be the portable cooling solution you need.

Looking to hire or buy portable cooling units contact London Cool or Midland Cool.


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