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London Cool from our Crawley office in the surrounding areas or Surrey and Sussex- carry out installed air conditioning repair and maintenance work for customers.  By calling 0800 440 444 we can give specialist advice on your air conditioning requirement and even carry out a free site survey.
We blogged today about our customer findings regarding our air conditioning services in London.  The conclusion was London Cool supply more customers in the Soho, W1B, W1D and W1B postcodes than anywhere else in London.  The most amount or portable air conditioner units and call outs to attend fixed air conditioning.  We said we will publish some case studies so here is our first.
A restaurant just off Regent Street in London, W1B, contacted London Cool as their installed air conditioning was not working as efficiently as it had been.  The restaurant had Daikin fixed installed air conditioning to keep customers cool and staff cool in the bar area.  The systems were not working efficiently as they had been.  Competition is fierce between cafes, bars and restaurants around Soho and especially Regent Street London.  Keeping customers cool and comfortable is really important and makes a difference with return visits.
As anticipated the indoor air conditioning systems were dirty and greasy which often happens in restaurants.  A one off full service visit was arranged, and our engineers carried this out prior to the restaurant opening.  The outdoor units, on a ledge facing away from Regent Street were also cleaned with a refrigerant gas check carried out to ensure the restaurants were not lower on refrigerant gas.  The restaurants air conditioning were left clean and running well again.
London Cool gained a new service contract for the 2 air conditioning service visits per year, another happy Regent Street customer!  Soho is our most popular area for air conditioning!  Free site surveys always available.

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