Servicing, maintenance and fixed air conditioning installations is what we do best! 0800 440 444

London Cool, head office based in West Sussex Crawley 0800 440 444 are super busy when it comes to servicing fixed air conditioning equipment for customers old and new. 
It's important to book in service checks with London Cool 0800 440 444 because if a service is not carried out it can then lead to many difficulties in the future with the equipment and it also won't give you the complete cooling and heating sensation that you were looking for the begin with.

Our engineers at London Cool 0800 440 444 are fully qualified and have been carrying out service checks for years - which is why we're the best air conditioning firm around Crawley, West Sussex, Surrey and Sussex!

We have carried out services around Redhill, Dorking, Haywards Heath, Cuckfield, Reigate, Kent, Burgess Hill and Horsham

We service many air conditioning equipment in areas around RH10, RH20 and BN14 for example such as: schools, server rooms, hospitals, retail shops, offices and the list goes on!

Maintenance checks and servicing are also important because the equipment can get dirty and unhygenic - If these service and maintenace checks don't get carried out it can lead to long term problems can cause air conditioning systems to run inefficiently and may lead to operational problems.

London Cool 0800 440 444 head office based in West Sussex, Crawley have recently fitted a fixed air conditioning unit in for a local school at RH15. If you're looking to consider having air conditioning where you are why not arrange with London Cool a free site survey so we help you pick and chose the best equipment to give you that cooling and heating sensation you're looking for!


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