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Hi all City Cool blog followers.  Welcome to our latest blog from London Cool and Midland Cool. 0800 440 444.  We provide cooling for all applications, one area that we provide cooling and heating are recording studios, either radio or studios used for films or television recording. 

London Cool and Midland Cool on 0800 440 444 provide portable air conditioner units for hire, rent or sale.  We also supply portable energy efficient heat pumps, portable spot coolers, dehumidifiers, heat for hire, portable warehouse drum fan all on 0800 440 444. 

All of these can be used in the production of a movies, post production, edit or rehearsals.  Need a more permanent installed air conditioning solution, London Cool & Midland Cool on 0800 440 444 can help as well.

Portable room air conditioner units for studios can be used in dressing rooms, make up areas or for the actual studios where the recording  is taking place, we can even cool the audience!  London Cool even provide portable gas patio heaters for hire for your audience in the queue, waiting to get in to your show, TV show, audition or festival.

One project we have done recently is an installation for small production offices for Wag TV –

This air conditioning install was for production studios, small areas that need cooling and energy efficient heating.  

The Fujitsu wall air conditioning systems have been install at Wag TV to keep post production areas cool, comfortable or warm.  

We can also provide portable cooling, fans or heaters to keep the studios cool, dry or warm as well.


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