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How likely is it for air conditioning to cause Legionnaires disease?

London Cool and City Cool provide a full range of air conditioning services including hire or rent a portable air conditioner, an air conditioning repair service, installation and maintenance all over London and the south east from our Crawley, West Sussex near Gatwick Airport head office as well as our London hire warehouse. After the recent breakout of Legionnaires disease , London Cool  wanted to let you know the real side of the story when it comes to air conditioning being a cause of this disease.  Although Legionella bacteria is commonly found in sources of water such as lakes and rivers, it can produce in artificial water supply systems including air conditioning systems. We understand that naturally there are companies and people that are probably having bit of a panic as to how common this is for air conditioning equipment to cause an outbreak of this, London Cool are here just to ease your conscience and we believe that although, yes air conditioning systems can be a