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London Theatre cooling - difficult portable cooling project in Theatreland - Contact London Cool 0800 440 444

London Cool provide all types of air conditioning solutions in London and the south east from our head office in Crawley, Sussex.  This summer we were asked to look at spot cooling some areas of a listed theatre in London.  A temporary water chiller could not be used to cool the specific public areas neither could compressor type portable air conditioner units.  The theatre is a listed building in the heart of London Theatreland there were no areas to drill access holes to exhaust away the heat or provide flexible water hoses. London Cool carry out free site surveys and for this cooling solution we supplied several Munter evaporative coolers as they were the right size cooler units to cool the specific public areas.  The hire of evaporative coolers for the London Theatre was a success. We have found that evaporative coolers are not always the best solution but for some applications, as this London Theatre discovered to hire portable evaporative cooler was the best solution here.

Portable heat from energy efficient portable radiator Micathermic radiators 0800 440 444

Micathermic portable radiators offer heat for many spaces. They are energy efficient portable space heaters that heat up the fins instantly. Oil filled radiators use a lot of energy in heating the oil inside. Being oil free also means the heaters are very light making them easy to move around to any space you want to supply some instant heat to. London Cool from our head office in Crawley, Sussex near Gatwick Airport offer all types of portable heaters for hire and sale. Need heat to hire in London, South East including Kent and Sussex then call us. Midland Cool based in Birmingham offer heat for hire all over the Midlands they also have the range of Micathermic portable heaters. Portable micathermic radiators offer radiant heat as well as convection heat and we know of people who use them to provide warmth for a covered terrace or enclosed outside area. We can think of many uses where people may need to heat. Heat an event, warm up a tent, provide back up heating for an of