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Floods, poor weather, #ukstorm and Crawley Town Football Club

An understatement to say the weather hasn’t been great over the past few weeks with many poor weather records being broken all over the UK.  As of today in February 2014 there are still many problems.  There are some horrendous floods here is a link to the latest Environment Agency flood map for the UK -  It is not now just in south west England that is affected by the flooding, Surrey, Berkshire, Wales, Worcester, parts of London and even Purley Souh Croydon are affected by floods.  We are just watching the One Show from Chertsey showing the flooding they are now talking about Shrewsbury which is on the River Severn, great concerns about peak river tides.  One part of everyday life that has been affected by the weather problems have been sporting events.  The luxury pitches most of the Premier League teams enjoy are not reflected in the lower football leagues.  Many sporting events not just football have been a