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Not just suppliers of Air Conditioning…We provide heaters too! London Cool can provide a large selection of portable heaters of all sizes to make sure that you aren't cold this winter! We will supply in the Crawley area, as well as London and the South East. We have a variety of different powered heaters and different strength heaters, as well as patio heaters should you be having an event or party this Christmas or New Years. Our versatile, reliable portable air conditioners and heaters are the best in the business. They're very easy to use, energy efficient, and look great too. Each kind has different strengths and benefits and  London Cool  will make sure you have the right one for your needs. This is part of the high level service we provide which is vital to our success in the industry. Just visit our website at or click here to go straight to our heaters section. London Cool HQ in Crawley would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas