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Good Afternoon from the London Cool HQ in Crawley, West Sussex We are delighted, here at London Cool, to announce that we will be having a stand and representing ourselves at the Manor Royal Know your Neighbour event to be held on the 13 th March at the newly named Sandman Signature Hotel (formerly the Ramada Plaza). The Know your Neighbour event is a relatively new event, which helps businesses based in the manor royal district to have a chance to get to know what each business does and allows us as a company to tell people about London Cool and what we do and offer. A number of businesses have already signed up for the event and have said that they will also be having a stand, just like us at London Cool and we will be sending three members of staff to the event with lots of goodies available and hopefully gain some business with the local area and create links for the future with everyone based on the same estate, Manor Royal in Crawley. Also this week, London Cool

If you've been affected by the floods, we can help!

Good Afternoon from the London Cool HQ in Crawley, West Sussex. The weathers looking a bit better today in Crawley, the sun has decided to venture out, however we are expecting rain again this evening and it looks like it’s in for the rest of the week so be prepared for more showers. I don’t know about all of you, but there has been a lot of trouble with flooding in the Crawley area, due to the rain and strong winds we've been having, road have been closed, homes have been flooded. If you've experienced any flooding in your property, whether you’re a domestic property or a commercial property, then we can supply dehumidifiers to you. We have a variety of dehumidifiers available including different sizes and different varieties. Just take a look at the London Cool website, or give us a call on 0800 440 444 and our staff will be happy to help. What is a dehumidifier? A dehumidifier is an appliance that reduces the level of humidity in air,