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Using your air conditioning in the winter

Many people think that air conditioning is just for the summer months, but a number of systems feature a reverse cycle system, or heat pump.  This facility offers extra versatility as the system can be switched between cooling and heating mode as required, keeping the workplace at a comfortable temperature all year round.  Maintaining a comfortable workplace temperature has been shown to improve staff health, safety and productivity. How do heat pumps work? Reverse cycle air conditioning works by warm air passing over a refrigerant to cool it down and lower the temperature of a room during the warmer months of the year. For winter heating, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside (even on cold days) to warm up the air going into the room to raise the internal temperature. As well as heating, these systems can also dehumidify the air and are an ideal way to remove airborne fungus and mites from the workplace, creating a more hygienic environment and decreasing the chance

Why micathermic heaters are energy efficient

Here at London Cool we are finding micathermic space heaters are becoming increasingly popular with our customers.  These heaters are unique in that they combine two methods of heating – convection and radiant heating - to provide fast, efficient and safe heating for the workplace.   When a micathermic heater is switched on, an electrical resistor converts electricity into heat.  As it’s generated, the heat is absorbed by a series of metal coils encased in a silicate mineral – mica - which can withstand very high temperatures.  Mica has high thermal conductivity, ie it’s good at transferring heat, and a high watt density which means it emits energy from its surface when it’s heated up.  Once it is up to temperature, a micathermic space heater generates electromagnetic rays.   The heat is not directly transferred to objects in the room, but transferred to objects via these rays, warming the ambient air as well, and heating up the entire room faster than most space heaters. This ma