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Air conditioning popularity in London and Crawley over the past week

Good morning from the London Cool HQ in Crawley, West Sussex. Quite a dull morning here in Crawley today but we do not let that get us down! Weather is due to be quite dull all week but rather warm so we expect some very humid days and lots of calls to the office as humidity is usually what people cannot cope with. So last week was a very busy week for us here at London Cool . In preparation for the Wimbledon tennis competition which starts next week, we delivered in a load of portable air conditioning units on Friday to Wimbledon in South London. And with Andy Murray winning his third Queens title this weekend, lets hope he can have the same luck in Wimbledon and get the win he longed for even last year after coming second. Last week London Cool also installed a chiller and air handling unit into the new TV broadcasting centre over in Stratford in East London. Pictures will be posted onto London Cool's facebook and twitter shortly today. The yearly portable air condition