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The advantages of a maintenance agreement for your air conditioning

Regular air conditioner servicing has many benefits Increased efficiency of operation Reduced chance of a costly, major breakdown at the worst time Longer lifespan of the unit Increased comfort Lower operating costs Improved air quality Priority call-out Adherence to manufacturer’s extended parts warranty Energy Efficiency Regular air conditioner servicing can improve your air conditioner's efficiency. A clogged air filter in your air conditioning system can affect its efficiency as it will obstruct the air flow and increase the energy consumption.   A clean air filter in your room air conditioner, whether it is a ceiling recessed cassette system, or a ceiling suspended system, saves 15 percent energy compared with a dirty one.   Dirty condenser coils will make the air compressor run harder which increases the energy consumption and your electricity bill.   Lower Repair Costs If regular maintenance is not carried out, your air conditioner could eventu

Why air conditioning units can make your premises smell, from London Cool

Colleagues at our head office in Crawley, West Sussex RH10   have been discussing smells recently! Possibly we should get out more, but it is true that air conditioning systems can give off smells, evidenced by recent reports which have highlighted an increase in the number of room air conditioning units giving out a bad smell.  Research has shown that one reason for the bad smells in installed air conditioner systems is a rather disgusting one – dead skin!  Scientists have discovered that the stench from smelly air conditioner systems is caused by dead skins cells that our bodies shed which are then trapped in room cooling units, air conditioner filters and coils.  Bacteria that live in air conditioning units survive by eating dead skin cells. With each person shedding approximately 8lbs of dead skin cells each year, these are rather well fed bacteria.   From our offices we serve London and the South East.   We have looked at our air conditioning call outs, especially fo

Micathermic heaters delivered to The Bullring - 0800 440 444

A Midland Cool and London Cool customer based in High Wycombe, Bucks, have been urgently requiring portable space heating for retail shops. Today they required on hire portable Micathermicradiators for a store in the High Street Birmingham, postcode B4 7SL, The Bullring !!   The Bullring is a major large shopping centre for the Midlands nestled in the centre of Birmingham, an area known as Digbeth.   It has easy access for pedestrians and is easily reached via Birmingham Moor Street Railway Station and Birmingham New Street Railway Station. The store Midland Cool supplied to had radiator and boiler problems.  We supplied within 30 minutes of receiving the order for portable radiator room heaters on hire!  As you can see from our Midland depot near Vauxhall andSaltley in Birmingham, postcode B7 4SN, it's not that far. We have spoken about our Micathermic portable radiators before, these were the portable heaters taken by the Bullring Birmingham store. Mi

Micathermic heaters delivered to high-end London fashion stores 0800 440 444

London Cool received an e mail from one of our customers today thanking us for our speedy reaction time in supplying portable room heaters.   Our client, based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, urgently required portable space heat for hire and, despite the very cold weather with busy traffic, we got the room radiator heaters delivered to four high-end London fashion shops. These clothing fashion shops had radiator and boiler problems.   In quick turnaround time London Cool,   from our main warehouse in Crawley, Sussex, supplied portable radiator heaters on hire to a store in New Bond Street, Mayfair postcode W1S 2TU,  Regent Street (W1D 4NA), Old Bond Street (W1S 4PS) and the trendy Sloane Street, Knightsbridge (SW1X).  It was tough as it was very cold with many other clients in and around London and the South East wanting temporary heaters. We have spoken about our Micathermic portable radiators before, which were the portable heaters taken by the Central London stores.