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Winter products - will they be needed?

London Cool and Midland Cool will soon be offering the Airfree range of air purifiers. These are non mechanical units. Airfree promote themselves as "The natural solution for asthma, allergies, mould and contaminated air". We will be offering the Airfree purifiers for non domestic markets such as hotels, museums, nuseries and schools, hospitals, councils, doctors surgeries and dentists. In fact the list is endless and we will update this blog on all uses for the air purifiers soon. Also for 2012 we will be adding Port-a-cool high air movement evaporative coolers. All air cleaning purifiers and evaporative coolers will be available for hire, lease purchase or sale. London Cool S.L in Spain will be promoting the air purifier products in Andalucia with an office based in Fuengirola, Malaga. Further information will follow soon. With the weather still holding out, is it still not time for the space heater season to start properly. Night time temperatures a

Will winter ever arrive?

London and Midland Cool feel the current weather in London and Birmingham is great for most as its so mild. Not perhaps ideal for our  hire of portable air conditioner units or rental of space or office heaters.  London temperatures this weekend could hit 17 degrees! Current temperature at our Gatwick warehouse is 14 degrees and our south London warehouse 15 degrees.  Another victory for met office predictions.  Business is going well with new contracts for air conditioning service and planned maintenance. We have also put in a large chiller for cooling and heating at a film set but which film? Sorry guys, we cannot reveal that until the film hits our cinemas! Next time we can give you an update on our new range of temporary portable evaporative coolers and portable or wall mount air purifiers. In the meantime if you need a patio heater for a party or event then mention this blog and you will get £10 off our already good hire prices!!  Even better deals available if you

Will the heater season continue?

For London and the South East, the weather for the start of November this year appears to be going the way that the Met Office predicted. It seems that our Midland branch is looking at weather very similar to this being wet and mild and quite humid at times. So, even after our week of heaters flying out with the cold spell, the weather seems quite unpredictable at the moment so it makes it tough for London Cool and Midland Cool to predict if any more of our range of heaters will be going out any time soon. With the temperatures hovering at comfortable temperatures, we are beginning to wonder even if we will send any more portable air conditioners out. Our installation department however, is on a whole other level. Heat pump installations are going extremely well, particularly in Birmingham, Sussex and London. Air conditioning systems nowadays are supplied with heat pumps - this makes the 'air conditioning' unit a good purchase for comfortable temperatures all year long .