Winter products - will they be needed?

London Cool and Midland Cool will soon be offering the Airfree range of air purifiers. These are non mechanical units. Airfree promote themselves as "The natural solution for asthma, allergies, mould and contaminated air".

We will be offering the Airfree purifiers for non domestic markets such as hotels, museums, nuseries and schools, hospitals, councils, doctors surgeries and dentists. In fact the list is endless and we will update this blog on all uses for the air purifiers soon.

Also for 2012 we will be adding Port-a-cool high air movement evaporative coolers.

All air cleaning purifiers and evaporative coolers will be available for hire, lease purchase or sale.

London Cool S.L in Spain will be promoting the air purifier products in Andalucia with an office based in Fuengirola, Malaga. Further information will follow soon.

With the weather still holding out, is it still not time for the space heater season to start properly. Night time temperatures are slowing beginning to drop so the Met Office are still leading with their predictions. Predicted temperatures for London this weekend are around 15-16 degrees, Gatwick 14 degrees and Birmingham beginning to get quite mild with the posibility of requiring some space heaters towards the start of next week. We think a lot of you will agree that it is beginning to feel so much colder and that and the wooly jumpers are definately starting to appear. Tuesday onwards is looking much colder in the southern areas.

We are expecting temperatures to really plummet this year and if last year's extreme weather is anything to go by, we want to know if you have access to equipment and support 24/7 in the case something goes wrong with your heating? Last year's end of year weather meant difficulty delivering our specialist service and equipment and even having a shortage of the demanded heaters. Therefore we just ask you to really start to think about what you are going to need this year and start to get your orders in early.

Our next post will include further updates on our new products, business growth and our specialist NHS offers on air conditioning hire, installation and service and maintenance.


  1. I feel the weather will be extremely cold for the whole of the UK come December time, sunspot activity apparently?


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