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What a summer! Hello from  London Cool  HQ in Crawley, West Sussex. Apologies that there has been nothing posted for a little while now, everyone has been busy here at HQ making sure our customers get the best service that we can possibly give ensure that everyone is cool during these soaring heat temperatures. Air conditioning has been provided to businesses all across the South of England this summer and we have even had to turn away business because we just did not have the stock. But don’t worry, we are in a position now where business has resumed, so don’t hesitate. If you need air conditioning where you are make sure you call 0800 440 444 and speak to one of our friendly sales team who will be able to help you with what you need. Whether it be air conditioning, heating or dehumidifiers … portable or fixed …hiring or buying…London Cool can help! It isn't just businesses that have been using  London Cool . Many events companies have been contacting us about our