Why micathermic heaters are energy efficient

Here at London Cool we are finding micathermic space heaters are becoming increasingly popular with our customers.  These heaters are unique in that they combine two methods of heating – convection and radiant heating - to provide fast, efficient and safe heating for the workplace.  

When a micathermic heater is switched on, an electrical resistor converts electricity into heat.  As it’s generated, the heat is absorbed by a series of metal coils encased in a silicate mineral – mica - which can withstand very high temperatures.  Mica has high thermal conductivity, ie it’s good at transferring heat, and a high watt density which means it emits energy from its surface when it’s heated up. 

Once it is up to temperature, a micathermic space heater generates electromagnetic rays.   The heat is not directly transferred to objects in the room, but transferred to objects via these rays, warming the ambient air as well, and heating up the entire room faster than most space heaters. This makes them energy efficient as they use less time and electricity in warming up and more time and electricity in warming the person and the room. 

A micathermic heater provides approximately 80% convection heat and radiating 20% infrared heat waves as well, warming you and the room at the same time - fast. Once it’s switched on, a micathermic space heater can reach its maximum heat output in about one minute. 

Other advantages of micathermic space heaters -

Micathermic heaters are very portable as they have an insulated handle, enabling these lightweight units to be wheeled about which is ideal for zone heating

Micathermic heaters have a protective grill covering the mica heating panels.  As mica is an electric insulator, the panels keep the grill cool to the touch, preventing any burns or shocks, and enabling them to be moved even when just switched off.   

The heater’s thermostat monitors temperature and is programmed to automatically cut power to the unit if it starts overheating, and a motion sensor will cut the power if it is knocked. They are particularly suitable for use in a children’s nursery, care home or hospital. 

The mica panels are thin and lightweight, meaning that the micathermic heater can be mounted on the walls.

Micathermic heaters have the ability to heat up larger areas without the assistance of a blower, meaning they produce no sound when running. The air warmed by the micathermic heater pushes the cool air towards the heater itself which is how the cool air is warmed without the use of a fan. 

An area warmed by a micathermic heater remains warm for a long time even after the heater is turned off.

While other types of heaters heat the ambient air, the air will become dry.  Using micathermic heaters mean the air will retain moisture. 

The element of the Micathermic heater is small and only used to heat the mica stone so the element consumes very little power.

For more information or advice on micathermic heaters, please call Midland Cool based in Birmingham (0121 359 5100) or London Cool based in Crawley on 01293 615666 or take a look at our websites - www.londoncool.com or www.midlandcool.com


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