The start of the heater season

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What can we say, another year and another poor summer but London and Midland Cool have been getting a lot of orders for new air conditioning installations and service contracts, so a very big thank you to all of our customers! We are well on our way to growing even further in 2012.

As usual we have had many predictions from the press about the winter weather stating the UK is in for a very cold and very hard winter quite soon. Although we have had a sudden change of weather there is no sign of that yet and the Met Office have certainly not predicted anything like this so far? 

We have had very weird weather this year, it seems as though it cannot make up it's mind. With nothing but rain in the summer with odd days of slight sun, and an extremely hot Indian summer at the beginning of the month which lasted for not much more than a week. Now it is as though the majority of the Autumn season will be missed as the temperatures are starting to plummet already. I think you will agree with us when we say getting out of bed at this time of the year takes a lot when the weather is as chilly as it is in the mornings!

Even after plenty of heaters flying out the door in the past week, we are ready with a full range of portable heaters including gas, diesel, electric and patio heaters all for sale or hire. We are even one step ahead having ordered plenty of new stock so if this year is anything like last, we can be on top of our game and have stock levels ready to cope with your requests.

We can also install and maintain all types of installed air conditioning and energy efficient heat pump systems. We have been heating many areas over the years including hospitals, council offices and school buildings, anything is possible so call us if you need advice. We are always happy to help.



  1. So come on London Cool and Midland Cool, tell me. What is the long range forecast for the summer of 2012. Will it be heat for hire or air conditioners for hire or both?
    Any links for predictions?


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