Air conditioning hire, service and maintenance in London and the South East

With temperatures soaring this week, London Cool have been extremely busy, inundated with call out visits to repair and maintain fixed air conditioner systems for offices and service visits for fixed air conditioning in London and the South East.

It's the time of year now where our clients who have hired heating for the winter, are beginning to off-hire and order for hire portable air conditioners instead.  However we have available now great cheap offers for budget portable room air conditioner units.

As always, London Cool try our best to save our customers money. We understand that in the current climate, movey saving is a must. We have many deals and offers on budget air conditioners as we know that climate control equipment is required but we understand that it is not always affordable. This is why we have come up with the following cheap portable air conditioning unit offers, always bearing you in mind. 

If you require further details on our available budget or cheaper portable air conditioner units, please give us a call. We offer a price match promise but will always do our best to beat any price you have been given already.

We have plenty more comfort cooling offers coming up this spring with many pre-season hire or rental deals on our range of climate control equipment.


  1. Hi London Cool how is it going in the rainy UK,many calls fo renting or hiring dehumidifiers in Crawley or London at all? Seen the weather forecasts blimey wet or what?

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