Bag a BARGAIN Evaporative Cooler now!

Evaporative coolers work differently to portable air conditioner units. They provide a cooling effect using water or ice (or both). The water soaks into a sponge medium such a straw, and the fan inside the unit draws the warm air over the sponge medium giving the effect of cooler air, very much like the feeling you may get when leaving a pool on a warm day whilst on holiday!

The room coolers are ideally used to provide cooling in large open areas, to cool places such as warehouses, passenger terminals at airports or railway stations, large open plan offices and even open air cooling, spot cooling people. For smaller areas access to an open window or door would be needed.

Evaporative coolers should not be used for computer equipment or server rooms as the moisture the coolers create stays within the room.

We have these at great, cheap prices stored in our climate control warehouses in Crawley, West Sussex and at Midland Cool, near aston, in the north of Birmingham city centre.

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