Spring weather, service visits and TM44 energy assessments

What a lovely sunny warm week the forecasters are predicting for central London. The west end, city, SE1, W1, SW1, WC1 and WC2 postcodes are often much warmer due to the amount and types of buildings in the areas. As most of you know, it is also a very busy place always full of people, cars, buses and other public transport, this sort of thing always makes it feel slightly warmer.

As the sun is quite low at this time of year, it can really warm up buildings through glass windows using a magnifying effect.

Room air conditioners or portable air conditioners are ideal to provide comfort cooling. London Cool and Midland Cool can provide these either to hire or buy. We still have some budget ex-rental portable air conditioners available to purchase. For further advice please call 0800 440 444.

Your installed air conditioning units can also cause a problem when the sun is shining. You may switch on the cooling button for the first time since the warm spell in October last year and realise it is not working efficiently enough for you - we have had many call outs for these in the recent weeks!

Not many people are aware but fixed air conditioning systems require regular maintenance or service visits and this is quite important. Your pump could be blocked, your filters dirty, or even coils clogged and to have to buy replacement parts sooner than expected can come at a big expense. All of these issues effect the efficient operation of your installed air conditioning systems. This is why we encourage customers with newly installed equipment to take out a maintenance contract - this also complies with manufacturers warranty as if this is not something that is taken out within 3 months of an installation and something goes wrong with your equipment, the warranty invalidates - not many people realise this.

So if you have a wall mounted system, ceiling cassette, ceiling suspended or ducted cooling system, call 0800 440 444 for free advice or to arrange a service visit if you do not have a contract already in place - if it is something you feel may not be affordable then don't panic, we have many payment options available.

London Cool operate from our head office in between Crawley, West Sussex and Gatwick Airport. Having a  warehouse in Clapham, SW9 allows us to provide a prompt service into central London 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Need a TM44 energy assessment? London Cool can provide air conditioning energy assessments for your multi splits, VRV, VRF and chiller air handling systems. 


  1. Hi London Cool, keep on we are in the West End of London W1A and they are predicting 20 degrees today!!

  2. Hola London Cool from Toucans Pub in Fuengirola Malaga, its been warm here for weeks and only going to get hotter. Thanks again to London Cool in Spain for installing our wall mount air conditioner unit. It keeps Toucans Bar customers and staff cool during the day with a energy efficient heat through the winters evenings on the Costa Del Sol. If any one from Midland Cool or London Cool are in Fuengirola pop in for a free pint! We are gearing up for selling half price Guinness this coming St Patricks Day, best Guinness in Fuengirola perhaps? All the best, Bruce and Sue Sinfield.

  3. Hi London Cool and Midland Cool again from Toucans Pub in Fuengirola, I see you are having some great weather in the UK?


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