Budget evaporative coolers for rent, hire, sale - London, South East

Air conditioning specialists, London Cool, based near Gatwick Airport, Crawley and Horley, West Sussex and Surrey, are fortunate to have come across some more of our evaporative cooler stock meaning we can put them back on our brilliant offer! With the weather we have had over the past week, they have been selling extremely quick so we would advise you to call us if an evaporative cooler is what you require. 

Perfect for cooling warehouses, showrooms, open plan areas, and like patio heaters (although the opposite, rather than heat, they cool) they can be used for gardens, conservatories, and can provide comfort cooling effects in a hot garden or sunbathing area. So, to cool your Jubilee, football or olympic garden parties, an evaporative cooler would be the best option for you.

Our portable air conditioner room coolers including our large and small evaporative coolers are available to rent, hire or budget sale. 

Delivery and our full air conditioning services are offered all over the South, South East, London and all areas surrounding the M25.

Our budget evaporative coolers include the Prem-i-air range of Sumo DLX, Sumo JNR and HiCool.


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