London Cool visit Broadfield Stadium for Crawley Town FC vs Portsmouth FC

Sunday September 9th, London Cool donated our Crawley Town Football Club season tickets to an employee who had never been to a football game. Along with her went her 2 children, aged 5 and 7, and her partner who is a sport obsessive.

Despite Crawley Town FC loosing, Morgan had nothing but a good word to say about the experience her and her family had at Broadfield Stadium. Her sons who had never really shown much of an interest in sport were so excited they were joining in with the singing and had great fun, despite her eldest joking at the end of the game 'Mummy, I think I will support Portsmouth FC now'.

As a company, it is great for us to hear these comments as we know the tickets did not go to waste and regardless of the score, we know football can still be great fun and a great experience.

There were a few dramas in the game with Crawley Town going down to 9 men (a few sending offs that weren't necessarily agreed with by the supporters), but when you see a football game with an atmosphere it makes it all that better experience.

After the result on Sunday, we saw Crawley Town go down to 6th in their league. We know though that it is only the start of the season and there is plenty of time to get back into a better position. They started off the season on a high and we hope that this doesn't put them down!

It was great for the managing director to watch the game on the TV and see our advertising board on the edge of the pitch, in front of the recently installed east stand.

Crawley Town are playing Preston North End this coming weekend, lets hope after only 2 losses this season, they can go out and get another win. COYR!


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