Avalanche split portable cooling in London with London Cool Limited, Crawley, Gatwick and West Sussex

London Cool offer free site surveys and advice in London, Crawley, Gatwick and West Sussex on suitable room air conditioners for critical cooling applications to hire, rent on buy. Critical cooling applications include computer rooms, server rooms, UPS rooms and data centres.

Our range of water cooled split air conditioners include the popular Avalanche portable air conditioner with up to 6.7kW or 23,000btu of cooling. The indoor room unit is connected via a flexible water line to the condenser unit which can be mounted outside or in a corridor or adjoining room.

London Cool rent many of our split portable air conditioners, particularly the Avalanche 6.7kW split air conditioner, for critical cooling, such as emergency back up hire to cool computer rooms, cooling for a server room, a UPS battery room and in some instances controlled data centres.

Other uses for our Avalanche 6.7kW portable split air conditioner include event cooling for tents or marquees, equipment rooms, radio or television studio cooling.

For internal rooms when access to the outside is not easy or convenient, the condensate can be drained into a water container.

London Cool have the Avalanche split portable air conditioning units in our hire fleet in all of our UK locations. If necessary, we can provide installation.

Free site surveys are always available to ensure the best possible Avalanche cooling solution is available. Call us now on 0800 440 444


  1. Hi I cant remember if it was the Avalanche portable air conditioner unit or the PAC 22 portable air conditioner unit you installed for us recently as back up cooling. But thanks it really helped us out when our aircon broke as back up cooling!


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