Portable air conditioning hire, rent or sale in London, Crawley, West Sussex and the South East

London Cool specialise in the hire, rent and sale of portable air conditioning equipment to industry and commerce. Our mobile air conditioner range includes units for the climate control of small, large and industrial areas as well as server rooms. They are divided into four categories; small portable air conditioners – suitable for an office type environment, medium portable air conditioners – suitable for a retail type environment, industrial portable air conditioners – suitable for a warehouse type environment and server room portable air conditioners – suitable for all server room applications. 

Our versatile, reliable portable air conditioners are the best in the business. They're very easy to use, energy efficient, and look great too. You can chose from four different kinds of portable air conditioners from our extensive range, depending on the space you are trying to cool. Each kind has different strengths and benefits and London Cool will make sure you have the right one for your needs. This is part of the high level service we provide which is vital to our success in the industry.

Our staff are fully trained to ensure you receive the correct portable unit(s) at a reasonable cost and for the most appropriate length of rental time of sale. 

London Cool are able to provide free site surveys to ensure you receive the best suited portable air conditioner of climate control solution. Free mobile air conditioner demo units are available on request. Delivery and installation of our portable air conditioner units is available if required. Call us now for more information or a free quotation 0800 440 444.


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