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Hello I am Becky and new to London Cool’s team based from the head office in Crawley, Sussex, a short train ride from where I live in Horsham. From here we supply climate control products such as portable air conditioner units for hire and rent, we have portable cooling equipment for sale including portable room coolers and we install fixed air conditioner units for offices and server room air conditioning.
I travelled to London with our MD Paul Berry by train from Three Bridges Station to London Victoria in SW1. We had air conditioning surveys to carry out during the day in London. We were to meet companies to discuss and investigate which cooling units they'll need and when they will need them. This was to help me progress my learning and understanding on the journey customers go on before receiving any portable air conditioner units or installed cooling systems. After these visits London Cool will be providing quotes on the best cooling units to provide comfort cooling for their specific cooling needs.
From London Victoria we caught the underground to our first destination in Kensington SW7. The Natural History Museum required cooling for an event. This is something London Cool do very often indeed event cooling.
Gavin in Events at the Museum guided us to the event location that required cooling, the event is being held in August which can be quite warm. Different options of event cooling units were discussed; Gavin had experience of portable evaporative coolers for event cooling. The London Cool brochure explained the other units available for event cooling such as portable air conditioner units and portable spot coolers that are used for fixed event venues as well as comfort cooling events in marquees and tents. Images of the cooler units gave a better understanding on what they look like and also what pro's they had to offer an event. We discussed which portable cooler units would be more efficient for the duration of the event to maintain a cool environment for the people attending. We took photos and drew a rough diagram on the shape of the area the event would be taking place which would help find the best cooling solution. We asked what his budget would be and how long he'd be looking to hire cooling equipment to assist us in quoting. Just before leaving we handed over Gavin a free thermometer as a keepsake and said to contact us if he needed any further assistance.
Our next free advice on air conditioning was in Walthamstow, London, E17 this meant a tube ride from Kensington, SW7 to Walthamstow Central to the offices of Shoot Media. Their office was in a multi tenanted complex and above other offices. The comfort cooling was for an open office but 2 areas.
Portable air conditioner units to effectively cool offices require usually a warm air exhaust hose to exhaust away the heat form the compressor. Basically portable air conditioner units are fridges with fans. An alternative is to have a portable split cooling unit, ideal for server room cooling. This has an indoor cooling unit that connects to a heat exchange box via a flexible water line. Small amount of water is used in the system and acts as cooling. I have also learned this week about evaporative coolers. These you fill up with water or water and ice. Portable evaporative coolers have no exhaust hose as they have no compressors.

Anyway back to the cooling at the Studios in Walthamstow. The available windows to exhaust away the heat coupled with the desks in the room made it more difficult to plan where would be best suited for a portable air conditioner unit to be placed. Also they explained certain portable air conditioner units tried previously did not cool the other side of the office. We found the best spot for a room air conditioner unit was to use a mini portable spot cooler. The warm air exhaust hoses on office style spot coolers can have an extended warm air exhaust hose. Exhaust the best way for warm air to travel straight up! So a flexi duct to reach the stargazed open roof light window is required. We measured the height a 4 meter hose would be fine.
We discussed the various rental options deals we have for portable air conditioner hire. We offered a trial deal for a 12 week portable air conditioner hire. This portable unit hire deal allows them to trial for one week first to ensure they are pleased with the level of comfort cooling.

Onwards to another comfort cooling survey, we caught the underground from Walthamstow Central to Highbury and Islington in London N5. A nice walk from N5 to Islington N1 for a site survey in Essex Street Islington N1 in Leroy House. London Cool know Leroy House, we have completed and are continuing installed air conditioning works here for Wag TV. Also portable air conditioning units have been hired to other companies in Leroy House, Islington. The Founder Andrew Reeve of Honest Brew have a ground floor office to cool down. A ducted fixed system site survey was carried out this included measurements, photos and notes on what the customer was looking for.
After this our MD Paul headed off to Aldgate East, London E1 for a further fixed air conditioning installation for a production area and to cool a mezzanine. Mezzanine floors tend to get very warm and often offices with these will hire a portable cooler or have a fixed air conditioning system installed.
I travelled on to London Bridge Station in SE1 to head off back to the office to write up my experience today on air conditioning in London.

All the best,


London Cool.


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