Are you looking for outdoor Event Heating or cooling?

London Cool can provide Event Heating and Cooling across London and the South East. 

We can hire for your event portable outdoor or indoor heat pump, portable evaporative coolers or fans for your corporate events, marquess, tents and weddings. 
London Cool also have the latest energy efficient heat pump and spot cooler by Weltem -

Directional heating and cooling from an energy efficient portable unit!

Need advice for your event cooling and heating, please call 0800 440 444. We can also visit site and advise on the best event cooling or heating solution for your budget. 


  1. In the outdoor environment you can keep comfortable. You can enjoy better air quality with many units offering air purifying to combat allergens and dust without allowing them to linger throughout the property. Many units have both heating and cooling abilities, so you can use the same unit all year, instead of investing in one to heat and one to cool. For restaurants, resorts, wineries, and major sporting events outdoor heating systems and cooling systems can fulfil your all requirements.


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