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Within the indoor leisure, hotel, in door events and corporate hospitality industries it is important that climate control systems, that include heating to keep the customer warm, dry and have the option often to keep cool without the need to have a wide open window.  However it may be the case that the heating system in a hotel room may fail, or the heating system in multiple rooms breaks down.  Maybe an outdoor event such as a large marquee or tent requires temporary back up cooling or heating. 

Pipes can burst of heavy downpours of rain can cause damp, mould or soaked carpets.  Midland Cool can help – 0800 440 444 

Quite often, even in cooler months, hotel rooms, conference rooms, hospitality areas, indoor and outdoor events may need cooling down even for a day or a night.  We can help – 0800 440 444

Midland Cool offers a reliable, cost effective back up portable room heaters, portable room air conditioner units and portable dehumidifiers. – 0800 440 444.

We supply portable space heaters for hire, portable radiators for hire and these include portable oil free or Micathermic heaters for rent or for sale.  Contact Midland Cool to discuss you portable heat for hire or sale application on 0800 440 444. 

Portable Oil free Micathermic radiators
These are available for hire or sale.  Very light weight at only 7kg they are more energy efficient than most oil filled portable radiators as they provide almost instant heat without the need to heat up the oil first.  As they provide convection and radiant heat they are fantastic to provide potable heating in hotel rooms, portable heat at exhibition stands, warm up conference rooms.  They can also be used in more open areas such as to warm a partial enclosed outdoor terrace.  0800 440 444.

Oil-filled radiators 

Midland Cool offer portable radiators for both hire and sale.

Electric fan space heaters
Midland Cool offer portable space heaters for hire and sale.  Our range starts at 2kw portable electric space heaters for hire or sale, 3kw portable electric space heaters for hire or sale, even 15kw, 20kw, 22kw, 30 kw portable electric space heaters for hire or sale.  For free advice contact 0800 440 444.

Midland Cool have supplied the indoor leisure, hotel, in door events and corporate hospitality areas portable back up heaters, dryers and portable air conditioner units for many years.  Areas include close to our head office in the Saltley/Bordesley Green area, Alum Rock, Inner and outer Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield and East and West Midlands.  Current heating projects for weddings are in Edgbaston, Broad Street, Solihull, Kenilworth and Coventry in Warwickshire, Stourbridge and Hagley close to Worcestershire

For both indoor and outdoor cooling and heating contact Midland Cool on 0800 440 444.


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