Is Cornwall the sunniest place in the UK currently today?

I think it is fair to say that we’re all missing the sun this summer right? Wondering where the sun has gone and whether it’ll make a return or wondering whether to pack a coat or just leave it home?

During hot spells London Cool 0800 440 444 is an air conditioning company based in Crawley. London Cool 0800 440 444 are able to help clients cool down and remain cool with portable air cooling equipment which are able to offer clients to hire or buy air conditioning cooling or heating equipment by using  portable air conditioners. London Cool 0800 440 444 portable air conditioner prices varies on which portable equipment you wish to select and choose.

Even if the weather is warm or cold London Cool 0800 440 444 are able to offer clients heating and cooling air what ever the weather may be. Heating and Cooling are can be very beneficial to any company as we all know this British weather changes rapidly which air conditioning is the perfect solution to have heating and cooling air equipment.

This time last year August 2016 Met Office backlog of previous weather conditions show that the warm air was reaching 34.1°C so what’s changed? We’re hoping this weather changes back for the best because who really likes cold weather in summer?

Researching in where the sun will be in the UK today I have found that the warmest place in the UK is Cornwall where the sun is shining.

Where as London Cool, head office is based Crawley 0800 440 444 the weather isn’t looking appealing today. But if you’re local to us London, Brighton or where ever you maybe feeling a little chill why not take advantage of out heating and cooling equipment?

We have portable air conditioners that supply heating and cooling to meet your requirements and size of your work space which will help you stay cool or remain warm. London Cool 0800 440 444 can give you portable air conditioner prices and quotes to meet your requirements so why not get in touch and give our team a call on 0800 440 444 and request our latest brochure for heating and cooling portable air conditioning equipment.


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