Fixed air conditioning for Abellio – Happy customer, fantastic service!

Last week London Cool 0800 440 444, Head office Crawley, West Sussex RH10 installed a fixed air conditioning system to Abellio Beddington bus depot.  Abellio train and bus services operate in South London, Mitcham, Beddington, Sutton and Croydon. The air conditioning install was to replace an old inefficient air conditioning system with a new energy efficient air conditioning system with heat pump.  Want advice to help cool down your work space in South London? London Cool are on 0800 440 444.  
During the sunny, warm spells Abellio understood that they had to consider fixed air conditioning to receive comfort cooling.  London Cool, 0800 440 444 in Crawley West Sussex agreed and accepted to help make sure that from the fixed air conditioning installations Abellio would receive a comfort cooling to maintain a happy work team.

Our engineers travelled from our Head Office, 0800 440 444 of London Cool based in Crawley to get to South London, Mitcham, Beddington, Sutton and Croydon to proceed and make the fixed air conditioning installation happen so they receive the comfort cooling that they required without causing any disruptions or delays!

Please see our pictures of the completed fixed air conditioning installation.  So if you are a business in South London, Mitcham, Beddington, Sutton and Croydon, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Tooting, Clapham or Streatham please do not hesitate to contact London Cool on 0800 440 444 for free advice and a site survey to ensure you will receive the best possible air conditioning with energy efficient heat pump solution.  London Cool, Crawley 0800 440 444.

London Cool, Crawley 0800 440 444 not only specialise in fitting fixed air conditioning, we also offer service and maintenance contracts to ensure your cooling systems operate to their maximum all year round in both cooling or in heat pump mode. Servicing your fixed air conditioners includes cleaning the coils, filters, checking refrigerant gas levels and cleaning the outdoor condenser systems. By replacing a dirty and clogged filter during a service can lower your energy consumption.

If you have considered fixed air conditioning but have not proceeded, there are a lot of benefits you will receive! So don’t have second thoughts, get in touch with London Cool 0800 440 444 today and will discuss many suitable options with you!


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