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Vision your event taking place in a marquee.  Are you considering your event in cool summer evenings and nights, or romantic cooler Autumn or cold winter months.  Marquee heating can be a requirement all year round.  Why risk ruining a night when marquee heaters can take the chill off your marquee, tent, event or party?  Also, during other times of the year, example winter weddings, marquee heater hire adds a benefit for outdoor event heating keeping your guests warmer and help keep away seasonal chills.
With our marquee heating hire, there’s no excuse for insufficient heating or cooling.  Here’s a couple of facts for you: several smaller marquee heaters are often more effective than one large one tent heater.  Portable heaters are exactly that, portable event heating can be placed near seating areas, directed to heat entrance areas and doorways, heat your guests in your marquee.  Whether your event is in high summer or you’re hiring a winter marquee, we are here to advise and assist you on the best marquee heater hire package for your event.

London Cool, Head Office Crawley 0800 440 444 can supply a selection of marquee heaters.  We have mobile energy efficient spot heaters, electric space heaters and gas space heaters.  Our energy efficient spot heaters are also spot coolers, they can both warm or cool a marquee.  Many of our units can positioned outside of your marquee or tent and be ducted to provide warm air directly into the marquee.  The thermostat control is placed inside the marquee for temperature control.

London Cool, Crawley 0800 440 444 also have a wide range of patio heaters for hire for use in outdoor events and parties.


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