London Cool keeps Cask 2018 cool

Recently we visited a micro-brewery, Affinity Brew Company, in Bermondsey, London SE16, to carry out an on-site demonstration of some portable cooling equipment.  The reason they needed some portable cooling is that over the weekend of 7 and 8 April they were holding a beer festival – Cask 2018 – and were looking for an efficient way of keeping the cask-conditioned beers cool so they could be enjoyed at their best. The kegs were to be stored in insulated racks either 2m x 2m or 4m x 2m x 0.5m which would be kept cool with an air supply at 8 degrees.  London Cool delivered two Weltem spot coolers to the brewery to deliver cool air to each rack.

Affinity Brew Company partnered with another micro-brewery – Partizan Brewing - who are located just around the corner on Raymouth Road – to put on this event.  Billed as ‘a cask beer festival the like of which we don’t think you’ll have seen before’ it showcased some of the UK’s ‘finest and most exciting breweries’  with 30 different cask beers on the Saturday and another 30 on the Sunday – ‘when they’re gone,  they’re gone’.

The festival included breweries with intriguing names such as Left handed Giant, Tiny Rebel Brewing, Weird Beard Brew Co as well as showcasing  Affiity Brew’s own April and Dry-hopped Breeze.

Steve, from Affinity Brew Company said ‘Great meeting you today. Thank you for the demonstration. Really confident that the units will be suitable . . . we’d like to book two of these for delivery.’

Affinity Brew Co started life in Tottenham Hale before moving into a former Partizan Brewery arch on the what's known as the Bermondsey Beer Mile.


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