How air conditioning can help relieve the misery of hay fever

With the advent of summer, while we all appreciate the warmer weather, pollen-laden flowers, trees, grasses and weeds, can bring on the misery of hay fever for many people.  

Hay fever is an allergic reaction which many  people are susceptible to, particularly between 5am and 10am, when the pollen count is at its highest.

According to NHS Inform, on humid and windy days, pollen spreads easily while rainy days will help clear pollen from the air, causing pollen levels to fall.  During their pollen season, plants release pollen early in the morning. As the day gets warmer and more flowers open, pollen levels rise. On sunny days, the pollen count is highest in the early evening. 

There are tablets and medicines on the market to help relieve the symptoms, but there are other simple things that can be done  to make  daily life a bit more comfortable.

Using your air conditioning system effectively can help to manage hay fever symptoms as the installed air conditioning unit cleans the air within your premises.  As the air is circulated, the cooling unit helps to purify the air as the many filters within the room air conditioner catch pollen, mould and dust, significantly reducing the number of allergens in the air.  Adding some greenery to your building also helps purify the air .  Plants such as peace lillies, aloa vera, dracaena, ficus, spider plant and snake plants all help to purify the air by breathing in the ‘bad air’ and breathing  out ‘good air’.

As it brings in fresh air from outside, health issues such as asthma and hay fever are lessened throughout the year. And fewer health issues signify an increase in productivity and profit, as employees have less time off ill.

Evaporative coolers use a natural method of cooling by evaporating water similar to a sea breeze.    Hot air is drawn through water moistened filters, producing moist cool air, absorbing heat and odours from the room which are ideally expelled through a partially open door or window. 

The washed fresh cool air from a portable evaporative cooler  also helps remove pollen and dust that can cause hay fever and asthma and the moist cool air is  gentle on the skin and eyes. 

Evaporative air conditioning uses water to provide cooling and uses about one fifth of the amount of electrical energy compared to ducted refrigerated air conditioning, making it an environmentally friendly option. 

To keep your premises relatively allergy-free, the air conditioner filters should be regularly cleaned  or replaced, depending on the type and model.  The outdoor element of a split system air conditioning unit, must be kept clear of debris such as leaves, dirt or weeds to allow for adequate airflow.  A professional technician can perform more extensive maintenance work, such as inspecting, cleaning, and tuning-up the outdoor condenser and indoor air-handling unit. 

Maintenance and service costs are significantly less than the cost of running or having to replace an inefficient air conditioning system.

To lessen the misery of hay fever, do find out how we can help with our range of portable air conditioners or evaporative coolers for sale or hire.  Please give us a call on 0800 440 444, fill out our on-line enquiry form or email us at


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