Heating for your marquee or outdoor event from London Cool

With the lighter spring evenings here, now is the time to consider some extra heating for your outdoor event.  Your event may be taking place on a patio, in a garden or roof garden or other outdoor space, or in a conservatory, marquee or other temporary structure. 

Mobile or portable heaters are a convenient and versatile way to heat your outdoor event space as one or more can be positioned exactly where the additional warmth is needed.

We have a range of patio heaters to suit every type of outdoor entertainment space, including marquees.  Our patio heaters include an electric 360 degree patio heater and our newest model, the Sol Rey 3kW outdoor heater.  We also have available four types of gas patio heaters which are completely self-contained, and are supplied with everything you need, including gas (at an additional cost).

Our commercial patio heaters are particularly suitable for outdoor settings and are rain and wind resistant.  The attractive design features a large heat distribution canopy which will heat up to 15 feet away.

Depending on the type of outdoor event space, consideration should be given as to whether one patio heater would be sufficient or whether a number would heat the area more efficiently, ensuring your guests are kept warm and comfortable throughout the event.  Due to the smoking law, some guests at your event may wish to smoke outside and hiring an extra patio heater or terrace heater would keep them comfortable too.

Marquee heating must be efficient and fume free and any portable heating solution will be governed by the size, shape and height of the marquee, tent or other temporary structure.  With no insulation, and particularly when temperatures are low, the marque will need a powerful heating solution and fans to keep the temperature even throughout the event space. 

When organising an event in a marquee, portable heaters can be positioned discreetly inside the space or outside which will cut down on noise and save space inside.  Indirect oil-fired heaters, such as the Antares 50 oil-fired heater, are weather-resistant and can be positioned outside, ducting the hot air into the marquee, keeping the space warm but quiet as well, which could be a good option during those wedding speeches! 

London Cool can also supply electric fan heaters, ceramic heaters or very efficient micathermic heaters, all of which can be positioned discreetly in the event space. We advise our customers to place heaters near seating areas and also directed towards entrances or doorways.

If the marquee is sufficiently high, patio heaters can be used, while two or more pyramid tower gas patio heaters make a feature of the internal flame, creating a dramatic effect at the entrance to your event.

The choice of portable heating will depend on the type of outdoor venue you need to heat and the effect you wish to create.  London Cool has a variety of heating options to help make your outdoor event a special occasion and memorable for all the right reasons.

Our sales team will be able to advise you on the best option to suit your needs, your taste and your budget.  Why not give us a call on 0800 440 444, complete the contact form on our website, or contact us via Twitter or Facebook.


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